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  Monday, September 28, 2020
Congratulations on your acceptances! Audrey (Yale), Elizabeth (Princeton), Cassandra (MIT, Columbia), Jay (Columbia, Stanford, UPenn), Jennifer (Columbia), Princeton (Columbia), Ruth (Columbia, Cornell), Denise (Dartmouth), Leo (Brown), Caroline (Cornell), Melissa (Cornell), Sanjana (Cornell), Sabrina (Cornell)      
Social Studies
Foreign Language
Test Prep.
   AP / IB
Level :  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10     
   1. Peter ______ at school.
            A. am
            B. is
            C. are
            D. in
   2. Are ______ your friends?
            A. he
            B. I
            C. here
            D. they
   3. Complete the sequence: three, five, seven, nine, ______
            A. twelve
            B. eleven
            C. thirteen
            D. one
   4. Two ______ are at the door.
            A. man
            B. boy
            C. girls
            D. bus
   5. Blue + yellow = ______
            A. green
            B. grey
            C. brown
            D. orange
   6. This book ______ got 128 pages.
            A. have
            B. has
            C. is
            D. haven't
   7. London is the capital of the ______ Kingdom.
            A. British
            B. United
            C. Britain
            D. English
   8. " __________ " "I'm fine, thanks!"
            A. Is it hot today?
            B. How old are you?
            C. How are you?
            D. Is your father here?
   9. "Where's your father?" " __________ "
            A. He's a doctor.
            B. He's got grey hair.
            C. He's at the office.
            D. He's fine.
   10. Today is Tuesday March 5th. ______ is March 9th.
            A. Thursday
            B. Sunday
            C. Saturday
            D. Friday
   11. The English Channel is ______ Britain and the continent of Europe.
            A. in
            B. opposite
            C. between
            D. under
   12. "Why is John in hospital?" " ______ he's very ill."
            A. That
            B. It's
            C. Because
            D. What
   13. The opposite of "horrible" is " ______ "
            A. enormous
            B. awful
            C. young
            D. nice
   14. "Please, Dad, ______ we play in the garden?" "No, it's too cold. Play in your room."
            A. got
            B. can
            C. have
            D. where
   15. I've got a fifty-pound _______ in my pocket.
            A. piece
            B. coin
            C. note
            D. money
   16. My ______ is called Lesley. She's twelve.
            A. sister
            B. brother
            C. mother
            D. husband
   17. Oh no! ______ green insects on these flowers.
            A. They are
            B. There are
            C. Here is
            D. It has
   18. A man in a shop says, "Are they good for headaches?" What sort of shop is it?
            A. A chemist's.
            B. A butcher's.
            C. A computer shop.
            D. A sports shop.
   19. "What time is it?" "It's ______ to seven."
            A. past
            B. five
            C. four o'clock
            D. half
   20. Give the dog a drink of water - he's very ______
            A. hungry
            B. angry
            C. dirty
            D. thirsty
   21. Be quiet! ______ to the teacher!
            A. Listen
            B. Look
            C. Wait
            D. Stand
   22. My grandparents love ______ garden. It's got apple trees and lots of flowers.
            A. its
            B. there
            C. their
            D. there's
   23. You can hear, "Next station, Oxford Circus. Change here for the Central Line." Where are you?
            A. In a taxi.
            B. In the London Underground.
            C. In the plane to England.
            D. At a bus stop.
   24. Ryan and Kevin ______ to the secondary school in Park Street.
            A. go
            B. have
            C. are
            D. goes
   25. Snakes have got long bodies and no ______
            A. head
            B. legs
            C. mouth
            D. teeth